About us

Marlin Coast Swimming Club Inc swims from Smithfield Bicentennial Pool, about 15km north of Cairns in the gorgeous Cairns Beaches. We have a beautiful 50m open air racing pool and a heated undercover pool for training and swimming school. 

We welcome swimmers of all ages and abilities to our club, with regular club nights throughout the swimming season, which usually runs from August - March every year. Our emphasis is on enjoying the sport of swimming, as well as proudly support our state and national level swimmers in their elite swimming endeavours. 

Our club nights enable swimmers aged 4-18 years old to have a try at swimming in a realxed and supportive environment. Please feel free to come to any of our club nights throughout the season to have a try free of charge. If you enjoy it, you are welcome to join our club as a member to enjoy the remaining club nights in the season.

Parents of swimmers are usually asked to help out at club nights if they can by timekeeping on a lane or help with the BBQ. 



FNQ Short Course Winners
Marlin Coast Swimming and Fitness Centre Smithfield
Coast Fitness @ Trinity