Club Night Information

How it works: (club Nights under review for the 2016 /2017 season)

The relay cup challenge will consists of two teams where all swimmers are included, they will be divided in to teams decided by Ben at the first club night of the season. These teams will remain the same for all club nights & for the rest of the season, if additional swimmers start attending after the first club night they will be added to teams evenly by the coach’s.

It will be a Team scenario where points from relay events, novelty events, PB’s and records broken at each club night. The points will be accumulated each time until the last club night of the season, at the last club night there will be a cup awarded to the winning team as well as a photo taken to be hung up around the pool. 

The type of relay will be decided by the coach’s on the night of competition. The coach of the team may be required or has the option to swim pending numbers. Each team will also be required to nominate 2 parents to swim in a relay each club night, parents can only swim for the team their children are in. Any one parent can only participate in two club night relays, so that it is shared around. 

How many relay points won will be determined on the amount of seconds won by, so for every second the winning team finishes in front of the second place team they will score that amount of points. For example:

1st place – 6 mins 26 seconds .56 hundredths

2nd place – 6 mins 34 seconds .23 hundredths

= 8pts to the winning team for finishing 8 seconds in front.

Bonus challenges are special events designed by the coach’s giving the swimmers an opportunity to win more points for their team and will be designed on the night.

Club records will be structured as follows:


All club records may only be achieved at club night for scheduled events, every club night or at any FNQ swim meet ran at the Smithfield Pool.


World Record Challenge: are 50m races with fins on where the swimmer can attempt to break the world record for each 50m event or simply see how close they can go.

20pts – Breaking the world record

10pts – Breaking the club record

2pts – If you swim with in 1 second of the world record


Junior World record Challenge: Will be targeting club records with fins on for all 50m events. Being that this is the first time that these times will have be recorded, the first place getters in the following age groups will set and hold the club record.

-        8/U boys & girls

-        10/U boys & girls

-        12/U boys & girls

Points for breaking or setting in this case a record will be awarded 10pts and 2pts for achieving a time with in a second of the record. 


Water polo: All swimmers and parents are invited to play a game of water polo against the opposing team, where 20pts will be awarded to the winning team. 


The points will be awarded as follows:

1 point for distance swims

1 point for swimming


2 points for .5 seconds either side of best time


3 points for improving by more that .5 seconds


5 points for a swimmer absent due to out –of- town swim meet that requires travel prior to Club Night.



FNQ Short Course Winners
Marlin Coast Swimming and Fitness Centre Smithfield
Coast Fitness @ Trinity